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To Hayama and Kawakami from Haneda with gratitude

Thank you for always taking care of me😌
Ayano Haneda will deliver today 🎀

From April 4st, Hayama and Kawakami will be transferred to the Universe Club.
In the last two months since the decision was made in February, the two of you worked hard for the members until the end of the salon business, and they completed it until the very end.


Kawakami must have been anxious about joining the company in the midst of COVID-3 for three years after graduating.
When she talks to men, she is always nervous, very naive, and always looks calm, but she actually has a lot of cute sides.
We spent three trivial years together, talking about Johnny's and traveling.
I think it's like my mother's heart that I've really grown up.
I was always helped.
Thank you so much✨ I still wanted to work at SALON together🥰
I sincerely hope that you will have fun and smile in your new department✨


I spent 2 and a half years at the salon with Hayama😌I always depended on him✨I think he was the best buddy✨
A man who looks playful and is more serious and solid than anyone else.
Humble and humble, good at making people stand up and a mood maker😌
During the two and a half years that we ran in the same direction together, we were really supported.
We talked about the hardships of life together, laughed out loud, went out to lunch a lot, and had a great time.
There were times when it was hard and painful, but we got through it together✨
I am who I am today because of Hayama-san✨
Thank you so much 🌻
Please make a lot of people smile in the new department as well😌


Sometime in March, I cried with the SALON members at a good job party because I was lonely. ✨
(Is there a reason why I cry so much when I'm transferred to the same company?? Please imagine that lol 😌)


The new SALON is Nishino chife and Kiritani,
Thank you for your continued support ✨ It's reassuring to have both of you 🥰


Yokoyama and Fujisawa newly joined and started off 🌸
(As expected of a transfer from UNIVERSE, I was immediately able to work! From the first day, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to absorb the work!)


5th year SALON, 5 people will create a new SALON! ⛴✨

Although there are still some points that need to be improved, we would like to ask all members to continue to support THE SALON.



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Concierge Ayano Haneda


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