salon diary

It's Yokoyama!

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you!
This is Yuma Yokoyama, who has been assigned to SALON since April.
I'm not very formal, but I don't have many opportunities to introduce myself.
I've been working at Universe Club for over 3 years, mainly as a Ginza branch and CS (customer success), so I'd be happy if some of the members think they've heard of my name.


Originally, I joined UNIVERSE after working as a manipulative therapist, manager of a mobile shop, and sales staff.
Mobile shop and human resource sales were quite difficult (human resource sales were too black companies,,) I am enjoying my work now.


It's not like I was particularly dissatisfied with the Universe club, but I've always felt the charm of the SALON setting, so I've always appealed to Unit Manager Haneda if there was an opportunity to increase the number of SALON staff, Yokoyama. But this time, I received a voice! Thank you very much!


I used to specialize in sports, so I was good at sports in general, but I got ridiculously fat and now I don't feel like I can do anything. .
My hobby is playing games, but when I recommended it to the chief, Nishino, he got hooked and got better than me, so I feel sad.


I believe that I will be able to make full use of my knowledge and experience in the Universe club, so I think I can be of use to the members.
Please feel free to contact us for any details!


SALON has a lot of unique members, but I will do my best to make my presence felt among them.
Thank you for your cooperation.


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