salon diary

The new season has begun!

Dear blog readers

Always I am indebted!
This is Nishino from SALON.

Well, in April, new members Fujisawa and Yokoyama came from Universe (^-^)

Fujisawa is in his third year and Yokoyama is in his fourth year in the Universe Group.
He is a very reliable member who is quick to learn the work of SALON.

We've already completed several setups, and I feel like I can't lose ( ;∀;)

In the future, we will continue to devote ourselves to working together as a SALON member so that our members can enjoy themselves!

Well, after a long time, I would like to introduce you to some recommended music! (smile)

This artist is very popular these days, so I'm sure many of you know about it.
I'm Adult Blue, the leader of the new school!

The pleasant and powerful beat, the playful melody, and the choreography are very nice (^-^)
I recently appeared in First Take, so please listen to it✨

The members are very energetic and cheer me up (laughs).

Well, April is only half a month left, but I will do my best to set it up so that you can enjoy it.
Thank you for your cooperation!

- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Yusuke Nishino


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