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SALON women are really beautiful

Always I am indebted.
THESALON Ayano Haneda will deliver 🌻 
I'm surprised that Yokoyama and Fujisawa have been working hard for two weeks since they moved (*^▽^*)
A new wind is blowing and I am getting a lot of stimulation ✨ 


I'm from the same town as Fujisawa🐴I've never met people from Gunma, so I'm very happy to work with them✨ 
(Though the countryside of Fujisawa is the city)
I understand the dialect that comes out sometimes lol


Yokoyama has told me many times that he wants to work at SALON, which made me really happy (#^.^#)

Salon is often said to be difficult, but it's not hard, it's worth doing ~ ✨ lol

I'm so excited that these two have joined us 🌻 


4 monthEaster event is being acclaimedis 🥚
There were 3 settings today, but the first-class Hawaii pair travel ticket finally came out✈✨
What a lucky owner 👏🌴✨
We are looking forward to hearing your impressions of your trip (*^^*) 
This year, in August, October, and December, we are planning a lot of events that our members can enjoy with excitement 🎇


How many months has it been in a row lately?
I wonder what happenedThe level of SALON women is rising
The pass rate remains unchanged at about 10%, a narrow gate


College student, highly educated, super elite job, entertainment, singer, idol, model, woman on wikipedia, Instagram followers ◯◯ million,
I can only say that she really did a good job looking for a woman with big breasts and an outstanding style of Nanao.

Kiritani and Mizushima, who are in charge of SALON marketing, must be the power 👏✨


I personally feel that the number of beautiful people is increasing year by year.
I know how old men grin when they see beautiful people! !smile
It's a happy job✨

However, SALON is looking not only for models and women with good style, but also for women who meet the tastes of men.
In addition to the women mentioned above, recently

・ Tall people with medium build
・ Beautiful witch over 35 years old

Those who can be introduced will be pinpointed, but there are people who can be introduced. (*^^*)
We look forward to receiving your applications.
Applyplease use this form.


Thank you for your continued support of THESALON.



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