salon diary

SALON wins if you like it?

Always I am indebted.
Yokoyama will be in charge today♪

Almost a month has already passed since I transferred.
There are still a lot of parts, but I think I've gotten used to it!
Originally, both Yokoyama and Fujisawa were staff members of Universe Ginza, so I think it took them quite a while to get used to the SALON members!

What I felt when I came to SALON
[Isn't it a win if you like it? 】is.

This is a message for female members who have been adopted.
Of course, men will like it, but the message this time is [the one who likes the staff wins].
Isn't it insane for staff to tell staff to like them?Please watch until the end. .
When I was at the Universe Club, I didn't care about the attitude towards the staff.
In normal dating clubs, men choose and offer their favorite women on the membership site, so the evaluation of the staff doesn't matter that much.
However, SALON is different.
Our concierge will attend to women who match the tastes of men.

Basically, we will search based on photos taken at the salon and information from interviews, but we will also refer to the impressions of other staff when we actually meet.
I often hear things like, "She was beautiful, but to be honest, she didn't have a lot of aegyo."
Of course, there is also the opposite pattern!
To be honest, there was a woman who didn't really catch my eye in the photo, but when I went to help with the setting, there was a woman who was very charming with the staff and my impression changed at once!
It seems that the impression of the other staff has changed, and she has become a popular woman who has been contacted several times this month alone.
After all, it made me feel again that charm is important 🌟


There's absolutely no need to sell flattery, but I think it's even more important when working with SAOLN!
Please refer to it if you like (*^^*)
Yokoyama will also be conscious of charm!


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