salon diary

Yokoyama can lose weight

Always I am indebted.
Yokoyama will be in charge today★


How did you spend your GW?
This year, 4 times as many people went out as last year, so no matter where you go, it will be crowded, but I hope you will have fun memories!!
Are the salon staff ladies first?As a result, the women took a rest and Nishino and Yokoyama continued to work.
As long as I am grateful that many wonderful women came to the interview during the GW period (* ^^ *)


Now about the title
Recently, I heard that Haneda and Nishino are running and training their bodies.
(Why are they both so thin?)
Before I was assigned to Yokoyama SALON, I worked from home as a Universe staff for over a year and gained nearly 10kg.
Despite originally being a sports professional, this body type is really bad...
[Yokoyama loses weight]

*Photo is not of Yokoyama.

I have dieted 2kg in 10 months in the past, but I was doing a lot of gym and diet restrictions, but I won't go that far.
I plan to lose weight slowly over time.
Aim for 5 kg in half a year! !

After all, health is the most important thing, everyone, please put your health first m(__)m

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