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How many times a month do men visit the salon?

I am always indebted 💐
Today, THE SALON Haneda Ayano will deliver ✨
It was so hot today that temperatures of 30 degrees were recorded across the country☀️✨
I'm more of a summer fan than winter, so I'm looking forward to various events in the future🍧🎇


Recently, when I was talking to a male member,
[Everyone, how many times a month do you go to the salon and what kind of relationship do you have? ]

That's what I'm talking about.


Dear male members, it is OK to visit us every day.(Of course, please complete it every day ☺️)
I think it's about 4.5 times for a lot of people.
Some people visit us once every 1.2-1 months.
We are waiting for you every day as a concierge 🙇✨✨


what kind of relationship do you have
I think there are 3 patterns.
1. I want to enjoy today to the fullest
2. Those who have regular relationships with several women, so have a frame in advance (want to play with several girls without narrowing down the favorite)
3. Seriously want to find a favorite


I think it's almost like this ☺️
I suspect it belongs somewhere in this 1.2.3 ✨

I think it's the same for women as well.

Since there are not many female members and male members, I think that the number of times of setting is inevitably small.
If you want to introduce a lot of men every day, it is difficult to meet it.


Everyone has different tastes, so there are various ways to socialize and play 🍸
In addition, even if there is no setting, matching the preferences of the woman, consultation with the person you are currently dating, etc.
You are visiting our salon with a cup of tea.


I hope you can relax even a little in the SALON setting.
Order your favorite drink
We are also preparing alcohol ✨
It was hot today, so I will prepare beer or your favorite drink.
Please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your continued support (*^▽^*)


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Concierge Ayano Haneda


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