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  • June 24, 2019
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I wrote a SALON profile ~Itsuki edition~

Thank you very much for your help.

I plan to date four women for Christmas.
I'm Itsuki in charge of ECL The SALON.

Of course it's a lie.
I just wanted to say

Both Haneda and Shimabara seem to have a lot of fun taking pictures.

Are you Itsuki?
I'm going to work alone today, so I'm going to use old photos.

Let's go to the profile immediately before being crushed by loneliness! ! ! !

Salon name Jun Itsuki

Occupation The SALON male brain

Birth Place Kanazawa, the big city of Hokuriku

Hobbies & Skills
・Karaoke (I go on most holidays when I am alone)
・Liquor (I am immersed in a certain British pub)
・I go to kickboxing without getting bored.
・ Girls Talk (It's because of Shimabara)

when i was young
I spent all my time practicing martial arts.
It was around the first year of junior high school that I thought I could stop a train by kicking it.
I desperately want to convey the words “both the literary and the martial arts” to myself back then.

what I am working on now
I am still on a diet.
-I succeeded in 14 kg.

longing date
I want you to make homemade food.

Motto of motto
I carry the past on my back It tells me that now and the future will be anything

I'm Itsuki, one of the most popular SALON staff.
(It's a secret that there is only one male staff)
Three months after moving from the universe club,
Male and female members, thanks to Haneda and Shimabara, we are spending fulfilling days.

A word to male members
I think there are some things that can only be done by men.
I would appreciate it if you could take Itsuki out of the cramped office.

A word to female members
Are you able to connect a wonderful relationship?
I think that it is because of this kind of world that there is anxiety.
Please feel free to contact us.

That was the profile of Itsuki.
Hmm.It's hard to introduce myself lol

Men and women who try to understand each other in just 20 minutes,
I think it's really amazing.

Did you enjoy this staff baton?
This kind of project is also interesting for the staff, so if there is demand, I would like to do it again.

Thank you for your continued support of The SALON.


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