salon diary

What is THE SALON after all?

We become indebted to.
Yokoyama will be in charge today.
The temperature difference is intense, but isn't your physical condition broken? ?
Yokoyama is still doing well ☺

Thankfully, many women came to interview this month as well!
Also, this month we have received quite a few inquiries from men, which makes us very happy!

Well, this blog is not for SALON members, but I happened to reach this website and what is THE SALON?It will be a blog for those who thought.

To put it briefly, it will be a high-class store-type dating club.

For people who know or use dating clubs, is it a store type? ?teeth? ?
I think it will be
Regarding THE SALON, the first setting will be done at the SALON store in Ginza.
Enjoy the feeling time for 20 minutes, and if the feeling matches each other, free love will start from there!
If the feeling does not match, it will be dissolved on the spot.
The concierge is also staying, so please enjoy yourself with peace of mind.
Of course, women also have the right to refuse.

“This luxurious space is designed in the image of a social gathering place in 19th-century France, and it is truly a secret salon for members only, with a closed address and no conspicuous signage.Please spend a quality relaxing time with peace of mind. 』

What kind of person do you recommend THE SALON to? ?

・ You can register without showing your face
⇒Originally, when registering for a dad activity app / dating club, posting a profile with a face photo is almost mandatory.
Some people may have given up on registering because they are afraid of being exposed, but at THE SALON, the concierge will attend to the woman of your choice, so there is no need to show your face at all!

・ Meet high-class men
⇒Have you ever met a man through a dad activity app, but you were stingy and didn't continue?
At THE SALON, only high-class men are enrolled because only those with an annual income of 4,000 million yen or more or assets of 8,000 yen or more (income certificate required) can become members.

・No need to worry about photo fraud
⇒Isn't the girl you met on an app or the like look a lot different than the one in the photo?
At THE SALON, our staff will basically meet you directly for an interview.
I will introduce you to a woman who suits your taste while meeting.

・I want to check if the feeling is right before paying the setting fee.
⇒Regular dating clubs will incur a setting fee when the setting is confirmed.
At THE SALON, if the feeling matches after 20 minutes of feeling time, the setting will be established and a setting fee will be charged.
*There may be cases where a woman refuses.

・There are a lot of registered women, and it is difficult to find a woman who includes herself.
⇒ At the SALON, we will ask you about your preferences in detail during the interview.
The concierge will suggest a woman who suits your taste.


Only high-class people can join, so the examination standards for both men and women are quite strict.


[Complete membership limited to 50 people]
You must be over 40 years old and meet one of the following conditions.
Annual income of 4000 yen or more (income proof required)
Asset proof of 8000 yen or more (real estate, securities, account proof, etc.)
Those who have an American Express Centurion card (credit card) (Corporate and family cards are invalid)
A gentleman who understands the service contents and the correspondence of the staff, as well as women
There is an examination that includes personality, looks, etc.
Enrollment on the same day is not possible.
We will refrain from official identification with a face photo.


The minimum requirement is to be good looking.
A person who keeps his promises
Those who can keep confidential their relationship with men
Those with goals and dreams
* The following people are not allowed to join.
Under 20 years old
Married person
People who work in the entertainment industry
Those with tattoos or large scars
Those who are loose with time

If you have any other concerns, please feel free to let us know.
We look forward to hearing from you m(__)m

- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -

TEL: 0120-979-958
OPEN: 11:00-20:00 (closed on Sundays)

Concierge Yuma Yokoyama


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Feel free to contact us even if you just have a question

Contact us via LINE here

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