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Hello everyone who is viewing the SALON blog.
Kiritani, please excuse me for today.


Haneda's blog yesterday was interesting (^^♪
Times change so fast 💨💨💨


Will the women at the salon eventually become AI or virtual reality? ? ? Σ(・□・;)


Face, style, and voice can be created to your liking.
Increased satisfaction? ? ? (*´艸`) lol


But I still want to compete with my humanity!
I have to do my best not to surpass AI 🎶


We have a concierge service for that.

Responded to each member
We provide detailed proposals and high-quality support.


By providing the "ultimate personal service" that meets your needs,
We embody a high-precision service that you can never experience anywhere else.


Interviews, dinners, we will always respond 🎶


In order to provide you with a destined encounter with the perfect woman, we will work with you wholeheartedly.
Please do not hesitate to consult us. 🙇✨


Thank you for your continued support.



- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -

TEL: 0120-979-958
OPEN: 11:00-20:00 (closed on Sundays)

Concierge Moe Kiriya


Membership application/consultation

Feel free to contact us even if you just have a question

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