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✨ SALON individual event acclaimed acceptance now ✨

Always I am indebted.
Fujisawa will be in charge today 🌸


The other day, we held an individual event with SALON members👏
This time, I would like to introduce a little bit of how it is!


A total of 3 people participated, including 3 male and female members and 6 SALON staff.
Somewhere in Kanagawa Prefecture.It was a very beautiful and wonderful facility overlooking the sea 🌊
Fujisawa, who was born in a sealess prefecture, is already very excited.The sea is so close...!The sea on one side like this...!

BBQ on the rooftop after arrival🍖🔥
Meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits were prepared by the facility's mother, who confidently said, "We've got all the good ingredients!"
It's really delicious with really good ingredients!Haneda, Kiritani, and Fujisawa were also delighted while grilling them😋🍻

After the BBQ, relax in your room and have a game tournament with everyone🎲
Baba-nuki, bingo, card games, and Jenga... We all played a variety of games, returning to our innocence♪
We also prepared prizes for the winners, and they were playing a real game without holding back (laughs).


Fireworks outside at night 🎇
A little ahead?A lot ahead?It felt like summer🎐
Let's all get together and make fireworks.That indescribable feeling of youth was fun!


Finally see the stars in the night sky💫
…and,.Originally, I was planning to see the stars on the terrace where I could overlook the night sky, but unfortunately the weather at night was cloudy 🌥
I couldn't see the starry sky, but what!There is a planetarium projector in the room...!
I was able to look at the stars slowly while lounging on the big sofa✨

And, I had a dream-like fun time with a very nice facility and a very nice member all day 🌸
This time, I planned it at the request of the man in charge of Fujisawa, but I, the staff, had a lot of fun!


At SALON, you can plan such individual events in addition to regular settings✨
Please let SALON know if you want to do that or if you want to do this! !
We will do our best to arrange the event planning.


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