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Time to marry an AI robot?

Thank you all for your help.
Yokoyama from salon will be in charge today.

The other day, Haneda and Kiritani wrote in their blog that the times are moving quickly.
I really think so.
Yokoyama also felt nostalgic for the hard-working MD Walkman generation.
I remember going to the CD rental shop a lot back then.

We are now in an age where AI has made tremendous progress.
There is also talk that humans will be ruled by AI someday, isn't it?

In terms of communication, there is ChatGPT, which makes it possible to have a natural conversation with AI that is no different from talking to a real human being.

It seems that the service of AI matching has also started in the marriage app.
AI analyzes your favorite face, picks up and introduces you, AI performs machine learning on past matchmaking data and member activity history, etc., and picks up a partner who seems to be compatible It seems that you can also introduce it.

Also, in the near future, it may become commonplace for people to marry AI robots.
According to an article I researched

・Humanoids with the same appearance and body as real humans may be developed in the future.
・It may be possible to communicate in the same way as a real human being.
・It may be possible to have a child with a robot
・By around 2050, legislation may be put in place to allow people to marry robots.

It was stated above.
Isn't it too amazing? ?
Have a child with a robot...? ?
I can't catch up with my ordinary self.
If it comes true, you may be able to marry someone you completely like.
There may be a future where Kanna Hashimoto overflows in the city.
How much will it cost? . .

The world has become very convenient.
However, Yokoyama is a good human being even after many years, and I would like to value communication with humans, not with AI!

We will continue to do our best to keep up with the times!

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