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  • 🌸 we are also looking for women in their 40 s! ! ! 🌸

🌸 we are also looking for women in their 40 s! ! ! 🌸

Everyone who sees the blog of THE SALON!
It always becomes very indebted.


Kiritani, please excuse me for today.


During the rainy season, it gets hot and humid.
At times like that, I want to have a bright and fun time 🎶


Today, I would like to talk about when a positive woman in her 40s came to an interview.
She was a very pleasant lady from the entrance.


He was always smiling and had a bright personality.


When I was in my 20s, I heard that there was a daddy
I don't have a partner at the moment, so I want to meet you.


He said that he doesn't get many chances to meet him because he is busy with work.


If you were searching for the word "dating in your 40s" on the homepage,
It seems that you have reached the page of THE SALON.


Is THESALON a gorgeous and glamorous place?

I wonder what kind of place it is

It seems that you are very interested in applying.


After that, as expected 💡

"No photo posted"
"Leave it to the concierge! It seems that it was also attractive.


THES ALON interview
For screening and staff management when hired
I told you in advance that I would like to take a picture of you.


Today's women are well prepared!
They even prepared costumes and heels✨


But in the end...
The clothes you wore were more revealing, so
I was allowed to take a picture there.


I will take a picture of my whole body
It's better to know the style clearly.


Even when you are taking pictures
We had a lot of fun talking and changing poses.
I was able to capture a natural smile 😊✨


Anyway, it was a fun interview time, and I felt happy (^^♪
Thank you for coming to the interview.


We are waiting for applications from beautiful women regardless of age.
Thank you very much.



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