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I interviewed a SALON woman!!

We become indebted to.
Yokoyama will be in charge today♪

The other day, I had an interview with Mr. A and Mr. B for the official website!
I will blog about that time.

We were divided into Fujisawa/Yokoyama/Nishino/Kiriya teams.
We have dealt with Mr. A, so I will write about Mr. A today.


Mr. A kindly accepted our interview offer!


On the day of the interview, I went to the beauty salon in advance, and all the staff even brought taiyaki for me.
I heard that when choosing a woman for an interview, she was too nice to be compared to Fujisawa, so I fell in love with her.
Anyway, she was a wonderful woman who was friendly, caring and caring to everyone, and you can see the goodness of her upbringing.


We ate the taiyaki we had before the interview and snacks from the salon together, and proceeded in a friendly atmosphere.
At that time, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the plum candy that seemed to be so sour and fainted in agony.
* After that, staff Nishino also fainted after eating the same thing.

In the interview, I asked a lot of standard questions and in-depth questions, but he answered them carefully one by one without making a disgusting face.
It is currently being edited and will be posted on the official website at a later date, so please wait a little longer m(__)m


Mr. A did not have any experience as a father before, so he found THE SALON after doing some research on his own.
It seems that you came after thoroughly researching the official website, staff blog, summary site, word of mouth, etc.
*I heard that you often read the staff blog, so I'm doing my best to write this time♪


For the content of the interview, please look forward to the interview article that will be published at a later date.
In this blog, I will show only a part of it.

Q・How was it when you actually joined SALON and started activities?
A: First of all, thank you very much for hiring me.Thanks to you, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to meet wonderful people that I don't usually get to meet.I can spend my days more cheerfully than before, and I am very positive. 』

Isn't the answer amazing? I'm surprised at the answer that is over 100 points.


It seems that Mr. A always goes to the beauty salon before going to the setting.
As expected!!
Even Ms. A, who is so caring and beautiful and makes everyone fall in love with her, can sometimes fail to set things up 💦
So to all the female members, please don't worry about the failure!!

Occasionally, I was very fashionable at the interview, but for some reason, the clothes on the day of the setting were wrong? ? ?There is a woman who thinks
I hope you can think of the interview as the audition setting!
Men's favorite makeup and clothes are described when the setting is confirmed, so please refer to it ♪


Mr. A said that there are still people who are continuing.
I thought it would continue because she was beautiful and had a good personality, but she said that she would keep a certain distance and not ask private questions.
I think this is really important.
This might be the best way to keep a relationship going!

The conversation was so lively that I spent an hour in the interview.
On the same day, Mr. B from Nishino and Kiritani's team was also present, but Mr. A and Mr. B had met at an individual event at SALON before, and after the event, they seemed to have become good friends, and after the interview, they were in the talk room. It was exciting to have a girls' party at ♪


I don't usually have the opportunity to listen to a lot of members so far, so I learned a lot and it was a wonderful time.
Thank you very much to Mr. A and Ms. B for their cooperation in the interview!


What I thought again is that THE SALON is not only beautiful women, but there are really many women with high personalities.
I felt that the high quality is still the charm of THE SALON.

Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON m(__)m

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