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The future called tomorrow has immeasurable value

Always I am indebted.
THESALON Ayano Haneda will deliver ✨
It's July and it's the second half of this year. (Too early!!)
At SALON, we are holding a summer festival event as a reduction thanksgiving 🎉
Hanging lanterns 🏮 on the ceiling✨
Colorful and cute 😍



And this time the lottery is a rattle pop that you can find in the shopping district✨
At the time of setting, have two men and women turn once.If you get a gold ball, you can get the first prize for both men and women✨
I'm so excited 😍
SALON's lottery has no losers every time.
(It costs money lol 💰)


Male members, I hope you enjoy July 🥳✨


Well, today's topic.


From what recently flowed on tiktok
“If you could get 1 million yen for free right now, would you take it? 』
I'm sure 99% of you will like it.
(What should I use it for? Everyone has a dream at least once. Huh? What do male members of SALON think...?)


"Then, in exchange for dying tomorrow, would you like to have it?" 』
If you ask me, what do you think?


"I don't want it."
And 99% of people will answer?

Because tomorrow, if you leave this world, there is no point in receiving 1 million yen.
It was a video that made me feel in 20 seconds that the value of the future is immeasurable as long as I live.


Procrastination is the kitsujitsu! !


When I was in my twenties, a dear friend of mine, who I was with in elementary, junior high and high school, passed away.
When I parted with a smile saying "see you later", I never visited again.

The words that child always said“The regrets of what you didn’t do are far more important than the regrets of what you did.”He said.

I spend my days thinking about things that can only be done now, and things that are taken for granted are never taken for granted😇
And stay healthy! !


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