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Salon men are so cool.seriously.

Always I am indebted.
Fujisawa will be in charge today🌻


The hot days continue, but are you all feeling well?
There are more thunderstorms, and it's already a full-fledged summer 🌞
Please take good care of heat stroke and summer cold 🎐


Well, as the title says todayThe men at the SALON are so cool! This is the story 🥰

I think there are various definitions of coolness, such as "appearance", "personality/attitude", and "generousness".
To put it simply, we have everything. For men at SALON.


① Appearance first.
Of course, cleanliness is a matter of course, but if you are wearing a cool suit 👔 or
It's casual, but it's easy to wear branded clothes, and it's not obnoxious at all, and it's very well dressed 👜

Anyway, everyone is cool and really cool!!


② and inside.
Everyone is doing a great job, and their position is also quite great.
He has a lot more life experience than me as a little girl, and absolutely no matter how I look at it, I'm more pe-pe-pe.
But in general everyone"Humility" !

Not only the consideration for the other woman, but also the humility and consideration for us staff is amazing!
Men who bring gifts every time, men who invite you to a very luxurious meal and treat you...
"Thank you as always" "You're doing your best" "Take care of yourself" "Don't overdo it"

Even though it's the customer's side, you always give me such caring words. . .Sometimes I'm so kind that I feel like crying 🥲


③ And even generosity
After all, the difference between SALON men is the generosity that comes from overwhelming leeway!
Never stingy.Anyway, it's so generous that it feels good to look at it, and that figure is really cool.

For example, even if it's the first time you've met someone, you might get a luxury brand gift as a sign of getting close to them.
"Let's eat what we like" "Let's go buy what we like" "I'll take you wherever you like"
It's a matter of course to have a dreamy, lie-like conversation.


I really fall in love with the men at the salon every day🥰
It's full of kindness, tolerance, and coolness that makes all women go's unbearable💕

Beautiful women who want to meet such wonderful men
We are always waiting for your application ✨


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