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PATLO's blog was too interesting

thank you always. THESALON Ayano Haneda will deliver (#^.^#)
It's hot every day and it looks like it's going to melt 🍨
It is my daily routine to eat ice cream every day.The delicious ice cream I met recently is a gelato shop in Asakusa🍨
The taste of matcha and sea salt was so delicious that I went to eat it two days in a row lol
I want everyone to eat it too (*^▽^*)
Do you get in trouble even if ice comes out during setting? ?

I also learned that ice cream sold at convenience stores in the 100 yen range is labeled as lacto ice cream and contains plenty of vegetable oil, so be careful.
If you're going to eat anyway, real ice cream seems to be good for your body 🍨 (Anyway, be careful not to overeat)


Recently released from Universe Group
It is a system that combines the best of dating clubs and matching apps.
This universe group is changing and evolving at a tremendous speed and I am excited.

Looking at the homepage, Seki blog in charge of PATLO was too strong, so I will introduce it.
it was the most interesting
[Actual experience record] Grandfather meets Seki ③

The person who wrote the picture is also a genius! !
Please read it (*^▽^*)



It's been 6 years since I joined the company, and I think it's really fun to be able to work surrounded by so many unique employees.
The people who are involved in the work at SALON are not just concierges, but how many people support them behind the scenes.
The marketing team, the creative team, the back office team, you can never make something alone.

Accounting, system, homepage design and construction, so that SALON is more known,
Each team is working hard to figure out how to increase the name recognition so that more wonderful women can join.
I am truly filled with gratitude 🌺
Haneda will do his best too! !


Todayuniverse loungeI will go on a business tour to
Half a year has passed since the opening, and the staff who always have shining eyes will go out of the way (*^▽^*)


It's hot again today, but please take care of yourself ✨


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