salon diary

Summer is nice!

ladies and gentlemen
We become indebted to.
Yokoyama will be in charge today.
The heat wave continues, but are you all feeling well? 💦
Yokoyama is barely fine 🌞


Summer has officially started!
The sea, BBQ, festivals, fireworks, etc.
It's a season with many events.
What kind of events do you like?

The other day, Yokoyama, who loves his house and is a hikikomori, also went to a fireworks display!
She wore a yukata and I wasn't that interested in yukata, but when I actually saw it up close
The yukata is really good!!
Street food tastes normal, but why does it taste so good? ?

There was a group of high school boys and girls (3 men and 5 women) at the fireworks display, and I thought it was youthful and I was watching it.
All the girls were wearing yukata, and I'm sure the boys were excited too.
But what are the characteristics of men these days? ?There are too many herbivores!!
The boys talked all the time and went shopping with just the boys... In the end, the boys and girls were separated to watch the fireworks. . .
The old man Yokoyama thought that there was no point in coming together.
After all, it's better if a man pulls it!
Yokoyama will continue to do his best as a carnivore 😊

The hot days continue, but everyone please take care of your physical condition!
Please continue to support THE SALON in August (*^▽^*)

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