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About men enrolled in THESALON

Always I am indebted.
East Customer Loyalty Group
I am Ayano Haneda from THE SALON.


Starting to clean up the house early for New Year's Eve,
It can't be helped that it's been fun lately to get rid of it.
Cleaning seems to tidy up the head as well.
Are you serious! ! !smile! ! !



often in interviews
"What kind of man are you?"
"What kind of occupation do you have?"
Will be asked.



・ Annual income of 4000 million or more
・Highest Annual Income XNUMX Million Yen
To those who say...
This is a group of members.

And what they all have in common is that they are all gentlemen

Clean, gentleman and rich
(Isn't it a perfect triple threat?)


gathering of gentlemen

What kind of occupation do you have as a member?
Men who have other special jobs

A man who you can't usually meet if you live normally.

Haneda also thinks in his heart.
(My life would change 180 degrees if I met someone like this.)
(No~ Haneda-san is so mentally ill that it's unreasonable!)
(If Haneda was 15 years younger, I would like to do dad activities)


for such a nice man
I would love to meet you.

Recently, women are coming to interview every day.
If there is a vacancy even on the day, we can show you
Please feel free to contact us.

to the inquiry form
We look forward to hearing from you or calling you directly.



Thank you very much.




THESALON Haneda Ayano


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