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A mass outbreak of beautiful women? ?

ladies and gentlemen!
Thank you for your help🙇‍♂️
Yokoyama will be in charge today!

As I mentioned in Kiritani's blog the other day, the woman who recently came to the salon for interviews is Bijomatsuri!
SALON has a very strict examination and the rate of hiring women is about 10% in recent months.
I'm sorry that I couldn't hire you even though you came to interview a lot. .
However, since the latter half of July, many beautiful women have come for interviews😍
There are various types, such as gal-type beauties, announcer-type neat and clean beauties, half-beauties, entertainment-related beauties, etc...

The number of employed women is increasing and all the staff are excited!
UM's Haneda also said that the number of high-level women has increased recently, so there is no doubt!

Is summer the season when beautiful women tend to increase? ?
I will be waiting for your interview from now on m(_ _)m

[Female interview target]
The minimum requirement is to be good looking.
A person who keeps his promises
Those who can keep confidential their relationship with men
Those with goals and dreams
* The following people are not allowed to join.
Under 20 years old
Married person
People who work in the entertainment industry
Those with tattoos or large scars
Those who are loose with time
Admission is subject to screening.

All male members are also welcome to come to the setting 😃
The hot days continue, but please take good care of yourself ☀️

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