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It is forbidden to ask for allowance during feeling time

Always I am indebted.
THESALON Ayano Haneda will deliver (*^▽^*)
It's summer vacation, and I'm completely out of it.⛄
Please scold me if I'm not switching to work mode and I'm dazed.
I can't say that, so I'm glad that today's meeting was packed.


Did you go anywhere during your summer vacation? ? 🏖
I'm so envious to hear from members that they plan to go cruising, Europe, and Hawaii😻

I love roller coasters so I went to ride the new ZOKKON at Fuji-Q Highland🏍
If you like screaming, I definitely recommend it✨
There are only a few days left in August, so don't lose to the heat and drink plenty of water✨


Recently, as written in Yokoyama and Kiritani blogs,Beauty Fever.
There are so many beautiful women that you won't have trouble introducing them!
In the data box that only the SALON concierge can see, there are only beautiful people who are grinning!
I will do my best to set things up, so if there is a woman who has not received an offer yet, please wait a little longer.
"Huh? It's too late, too little introduction to SALON"
If you think, please line up!
from women"Haven't you introduced yourself yet?"
"Please introduce someone"
I can get in touch with you, but my motivation is transmitted.I think I have to introduce them soon.



Dear male members, we are gaining momentum now🎇
I would be happy if you could carry your feet more than usual.

I'm interested in the salon, but it may take some time to join because it's full.
We are available for consultation, so we are waiting for your inquiry m(__)m


Today's subject

[Again, it is forbidden to ask for allowance during feeling time]



We always talk about it during interviews and interviews. There are three prohibited items.
At the feeling time (first meeting) in the SALON store

・Contact information exchange
・Whether or not you can go to the hotel today
・Monetary negotiations

The above three items are prohibited.
In some cases, you may be forced to withdraw.


I'd like you to see the person of the opponent during the feeling time.
If you want to go to the hotel immediately, you should go to a sex club.
When I met him in the salon and suddenly confirmed his sense of money, he said, "I'll tell you that I'm honest. I don't like men like that."
Even if that is not the case, monetary negotiations (regarding allowances) are prohibited inside the SALON store.

If you receive a report from a woman after matching, be very careful.


~Extras you've heard~
・Let's go to the hotel the moment you go out!
・Negotiating money in a loud voice at a restaurant
・One-way people who only talk about themselves and don't listen to anything

I want you to get to know women firmly without rushing.

That's because, in an occasional story, most of the men are surprisingly gentlemen.Do not worry.
They are really gentle men.


SALON women's interview page will be released soon.
It has a lot of content that I would like women who are hesitant about interviewing at SALON to see.
Look forward to it (*^▽^*)

Hope you all have a great summer 🏖



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Concierge Ayano Haneda


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