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  • June 8, 2019
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The Story Behind Thank You ~For Male Members~

The Story Behind Thank You ~For Male Members~

The Story Behind Thank You ~For Male Members~

Thank you very much for your help.

There are as many stories as there are thanks,
I'm Itsuki in charge of ECL The SALON.

"Itsuki, are you always drunk?"
I received a tsukkomi from Mamiya,
I have no choice but to write it in a sobriety.
(Not that I was drunk)

Well, if Mamiya tells me, I have no choice but to quit drinking.

By the way, I got it from Mamiya during the Universe era.
"If you don't like it, think of it as a potato."
These words will continue to be Itsuki's motto.

Let's get straight to the point.

Dating clubs are places where men and women meet.
The men and women who knock on the door of the club have their own circumstances.

received from such members
The word "thank you"I have a lot of thoughts.

This time it's a story behind the backside of such a thank you.

In the case of Mr. K (Male manager in his 50s)
◆ Motivation for joining
"I feel like there's a hole in my heart"
That was the reason Mr. K registered with The SALON.
I have a family, a good job,
However, it seems that he spent his days feeling unsatisfied.

"I made an offer to several people at the dating club, but it didn't feel right."

Mr. K's preference is a fresh woman like a college student.
But to dispel the feeling of being unsatisfied
It seems that what both parties want is different in the part-time dad life of a university student.

◆How do you feel about using The SALON?
“I am very happy and fulfilled now.”
Mr. K, who said so,
We visit 2-3 times a month.
Even if I go out at first, I can't connect to the second time,
I remember that I was able to look back with the staff.
Mr. K, thank you for sharing your image with the staff without giving up.

About future dating club life
"I'm still in my 50s.
I want to do my best as a man until I reach my 70s (laughs).”
I honestly respect you as a fellow man.

"Basically, I break up with a woman who has become a member of society."
It seems that Mr. K wants women to have an experience that can only be done while a student.

"Besides money, I hope that the time spent with me will be of help to her.
However, if you become a member of society, you must learn how to live on your own.Because he is not sweet in the world.
I want to prepare and support for that.”

Because Mr. K himself had a hard time as a student,
It sounds like you have a rule for that.
Your feelings for women warms my heart.

◆Thanks to The SALON
"Before thank you, I'm sorry for not going out at first (laughs)
However, the staff did not give up and faced each other, and this time I had an encounter that made me want to graduate from the club.thank you. ”

Actually, this time, Mr. K got a wonderful girlfriend in the second year of college.
"I want to focus and support her."
Therefore, it is a man who graduated from the salon.

I don't feel lonely. (Being brazen)
When she becomes a nice member of society,
Please come back again! ! ! ! !

How was it?
This time it was the story of the salon male member.

Next time is the story of the female member.
Ladies who have been requested to interview, please cooperate.

Thank you for your interest in The SALON.


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