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SALON Christmas Baton ~Haneda Edition~

Always I am indebted.
East Customer Loyalty Group
I am Ayano Haneda from THE SALON.

Since the SALON baton blog was well received,
I will do it with Christmas ver.


What are your plans for Christmas this year?

Christmas party at home
We are going to exchange gifts.
buy chicken and cake
I'm going to bake a steak and make a stew.
(It's a way to spend like a picture lol)


christmas ravework! !
Eating chicken with the staff at the office!


What is your most memorable Christmas?

I forget how many years ago
The place you took me on December 12th
It was an izakaya called ○○ Suisan.
The inside of the store is reserved, and in my heart
"Really, he's a guy who can't get enough of it."
Needless to say, I thought.
(Please excuse the cheeky Haneda.)


How long have you believed in Santa?

I believed until the fourth grade of elementary school.
I will never forget.
A present from Santa when I was in 3rd grade
The contents of the present is cash 3000 yen
Next year, the contents of the present for the 4th graders
There was 5000 yen in cash at the bedside!

Santa at home. . .Astringent!
Will Santa come to Haneda this year?


・Christmas presents that women will love
what do you think

The thing I don't need the most is the clothes system.
I'm happy with my pajamas.
If it's a surprise, I'd be happy with a necklace or earrings,
I definitely want to choose with you!


・Christmas gifts for men
what do you think

For me, a muffler,
I will give you some travel goods.
(Things that can be used without problems)
While searching for that person's usual life
I am looking for a gift that will please me!


・Do you prefer New Year's Eve soba?Are you a udon fan?

picture?Anyone eat udon?LOL
I love soba!


・ What are your plans for the first date of the new year?

Not at all.
Date, date is good.
The first shot of the new year is
Hatsumode and New Year's party with SALON staff.


・Finally, are everyone at the salon on good terms?

Isn't it so-so? .smile
Gaffe. .
I think teamwork is good.
The other day, when the three of us took a picture,
Shimabara is
"This photo makes us look like we're really good friends~"

(= ´∀ `) people (´∀ ` =)

Hard times, busy times, hard times, sometimes you want to quit
There may be, but
Let's get over it together.
There is always a bright future ahead.

Buzzword of the Year Award

Exactly, I think it's perfect for the three of us.


Cold days continue, but
Let's do our best without losing to the cold.



THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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