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Halloween event was a huge success!!

ladies and gentlemen
We become indebted to!
This is Yokoyama from SALON.

Before you know it, autumn has become a pleasant place to spend time, but are you feeling unwell due to the change of seasons?
Yokoyama's health deteriorated at the beginning of October. .
For the first time in several years, I was suffering from a fever of over 40 degrees.
Don't worry, I'm feeling better now 😊
Everyone please take good care of your health m(__)m


As I previously announced on my blog, this month we are holding a Halloween event 🎃
The inside of the store has been decorated in a Halloween style by the staff (Yokoyama is currently on holiday and is not helping with the decorations).
We also have a raffle where you can win gorgeous prizes, and the women get to wear cosplay, which is just like the previous event!
This place is very popular and many people have already visited!
If this trend continues, we will have the highest number of visitors in the history of SALON!!

However, there are still spaces available, so men are welcome to come and visit us♪
You won't be able to see the carefully selected beauties in cosplay (*^▽^*)
(There are also women who do not wear cosplay)

The above is Yokoyama, who doesn't like cosplaying but likes cosplaying.

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