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The reality of salons that men are most concerned about

thank you always. THESALON Ayano Haneda will deliver it to you🎀
The Halloween event currently being held at SALON 🎃 is getting very exciting 👻
We are still planning events that our members can enjoy until the end of the year.



This is something I often get asked by men.
“What kind of work do the other members do?”
“What kind of person are you?”
“At what age do they usually go?”
“How do you interact with women?”

What kind of people are the other men?I get asked this a lot 👂

And the voice that was heard the most from male members was
"I'd like to talk to other male members."This event made it possible to realize



In some cases, men at the salon exchanged contact information in the form of roundtable discussions.
From the second part, we introduced the women in a one-on-one format, where they did not meet face-to-face.
This is an event where both men and women can meet members all at once in one day 🍸
I was really happy to see so many happy faces and to see that not only the women were having fun, but also the men were having fun with each other.

If you are a member who is interested, we will be holding the next event, so we will adjust the schedule accordingly.
Our concierge team will work together to plan other events unique to SALON.


Thank you for your continued support.


- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Ayano Haneda


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