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  • June 15, 2019
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SALON Christmas Baton ~Itsuki Edition~

Thank you very much for your help.
I'm Itsuki in charge of ECL The SALON.

The city and SNS are all about Christmas topics.
Following the example, The SALON is also on the bandwagon.

Sincerely hope that there is demand,
I will write about Itsuki's Christmas right away! ! ! !

What are your plans for Christmas this year?
Work hard and eat chicken in the office
After that, I go to the church alone to say mass.

◆What is the most memorable Christmas?
Have a snowball fight with local friends in the middle of winter in the Sea of ​​Japan
After launching the fireworks, I had a half-naked tequila night.
As expected, I didn't swim, but...

How long have you believed in Santa?
that? ? ?Don't you have Santa?
I come through the chimney of my heart every year.

◆What do you think is the best Christmas gift for women?
Dinner with atmosphere?
Like Haneda, I like to go shopping for presents with them.

◆What do you think is the best Christmas gift for men?
I don't know about men in the world,
Itsuki is happy to receive a gift of time that is more wonderful than things.
I want my older sister to take me to her favorite bar.

◆Do you like New Year's Eve soba?Are you a udon fan?
Actually, both have happened at home.
My grandmother was a firm fan of udon, but Itsuki prefers soba.

What are your plans for the first date of the new year?
Not sure yet.
"At this point"That's the point.

◆Finally, are you friends with everyone at the salon?
Both Haneda and Shimabara have implications.
I think we get along pretty well.
They say that the more they fight, the better they get along.
I have the impression that teamwork is still growing.

When I write it out like this, I feel like I didn't spend a good youth.

Such a whining crossed my mind,
Itsuki plans to enjoy youth for the rest of his lifeSo no problem.

From now on.

Staff Baton, personally a very favorite project.
By all means, I want to do it again next year.

Finally, men and women who still have a hot encounter that melts the snow,
We can still set up in December, so please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your continued support of The SALON.

Jun Itsuki


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