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The beauty festival is back...! !

Always I am indebted.
Fujisawa will be in charge today 🌸

Lately, it's gotten really cold in the mornings and evenings 🥶
It's also extremely dry, so be careful not to damage your throat!


Now that we are approaching the season where we miss human skin, the level of the beautiful women we are hiring is so high!
It goes without saying that she is beautiful when she is selected for SALON, but her facial deviation value is one of the highest among them.
Let me introduce a little profile 💕

First of all, the first person.
An office lady in her late 20s who looks like Keiko Kitagawa!
I think her slender figure and resemblance to Keiko Kitagawa are enough, but she has a beautiful face.
Not only that, but she is also highly educated, and when she talks to her, she has a gentle, gentle feminine personality, and she can also tell clever stories.
She is truly talented and talented📝


And the second person.
Sasaki Nozomi?Deep Kyon?Kanna Hashimoto?
We collected all the cute celebrity representatives and divided them by number.A woman in her early 20s with the most powerful facial features🥰
Even though she has such a strong face, her humble, honest and innocent nature is adorable!
He was such a nice kid that I felt like he was a really nice person, and I was worried that he might be fooled by bad stories.


And the third person.
Mr. Half?It looks like it's pure Japanese!
Although she is in her 20s, she is a beautiful foreign-looking woman with a sexy and mature look✨
Her appearance and demeanor are so classy and sexy that you'll have the illusion that you're on a Hollywood red carpet.
She has a bright, cheerful and healthy beauty🌞

There are so many beautiful women to name just a few🎉
If you are interested, please contact the concierge!

There are still too many beautiful women to list, so we look forward to hearing from men who wish to join (*^^*)


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