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Is this era herbivorous?

Thank you all for your help.Yokoyama will be in charge today.Lately, the temperature has been quite different depending on the day, with some days being very cold and some days not so cold💦 Please try not to make your health worse due to the temperature difference m(__)m I was wondering what the theme of this blog should be... As I was watching the staff, Fujisawa's ``good leadership is the mark of a gentleman'' is one of Fujisawa's mottos: ``The man chooses the woman,'' but he sets the scene with the idea ``I want the woman to choose me.'' There is.I was impressed that the above phrase says something good!

There is no doubt that SALON's male members are of a higher quality than other dating clubs.But maybe he's not very good at treating women?There are cases where you may think so.Fujisawa also commented, but I honestly think it's difficult to have a good relationship with someone who doesn't talk much themselves and leaves the conversation to the woman... I feel like it won't last... Many of the men at SALON are gentlemanly.If you go on a date where you are led in everything, and then have to lead the conversation yourself, I think that unless you are particularly attractive, you will develop a long-term relationship with the former person. .I hope you enjoy it yourself and hope that the ladies enjoy it too!The other day, I was talking about love with a male Universe staff member in his 20s, and I was very surprised when he said that he had never confessed his love to anyone before.I've heard that there are more and more herbivorous men these days. However, I guess it's the times... I'd rather live as a carnivore rather than a herbivore forever!!

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