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To THE SALON members, Haneda ~ Thank you very much for your help this year ~

Always I am indebted.
East Customer Loyalty Group
I am Ayano Haneda from THE SALON.


Thank you for today
We have a lot of reservations for the setting.
I hope you have a wonderful relationship.
merry christmas! !
6 days left this year.
THESALON is open until 12/29 (Sun)
Let me say
Normal business from 1/4 (Sat) at the beginning of the year
Please note


It's been 4 months since SALON opened in April this year.


For male members who continue to use

To be honest, at the beginning of the opening,
There are few female members,
I think I may have strayed from my tastes.
Still with warm eyes
Being a member of SALON
I am grateful.
We look forward to working with you in the future.

NowOver 200 female membersWas.

"Since opening
The level and quality of women has risen dramatically. ”

(Haneda also thinks so)


To the man who recently joined
Would you like to use it?
Please give us your frank opinion.
・I didn't like Haneda's attitude.
・I was healed by Shimabara's smile
・ I thought Itsuki was working hard
Opinion for staff
Female feedback, etc.
Please feel free to ask me anything.


Finally, to female members
I registered but haven't heard back
What's going on?Those who think that
I think there are many.
The concept of SALON is custom-made setting,
men's requests,
If the woman does not correspond to your request
Sometimes I just can't make myself heard.
If you are hired, I think it's a story to introduce at least one.
A woman who has never been introduced,
is there any better way
I will think about it
Please let me know in that case.


To the women who visited the salon again
Please keep your time,
Most of the women responded quickly.
As expected, I think that SALON registered women are wonderful.
something is bothering me,
If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact us.

Finally to the SALON staff
Overcome busy days that you want to borrow a cat's hand,
Thank you very much.thank you.
I look forward to working with you again next year.
I think we all did a great job.
I will give you a present from Haneda Santa!
(I really want to give it to you now.)


Dear THESALON member,
Thank you very much for your help this year as well.
We hope to see you again next year.



East Customer Loyalty Group
THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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