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This year's event is...

ladies and gentlemen!
We become indebted to.
Yokoyama will be in charge today!

happy New Year!
It's already mid-January at the earliest!
I'm really surprised that it suddenly got cold💦


Last year we held various events.
In addition to the usual raffle drawing event, we also had women wear yukata in the summer, and cosplay during the Halloween and Christmas seasons!
In addition, we reserved the Universe Lounge for roundtable discussions between men and events where we could meet multiple women, and all of them were very successful (*^▽^*)
Thanks to that, last year we were able to achieve the highest setting and sales ever♪
Cosplay and roundtable discussions
This event was held for the first time last year!!


Of course, we are planning to hold an event this year too🌞
All of our staff members were coming up with event ideas today, and all of them will be innovative!
We will let you know more details once they are decided!
All members, please look forward to it m(__)m
How about another event like this? If you have any advice, please let us know.
The roundtable discussion between male members is an event that was born out of a male SALON member who said, ``I would like to talk to men who are registered with SALON''!!

We hope to make SALON even more exciting with everyone this year!
Thank you for your continued support this year✨


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