salon diary

Forced withdrawal!!

Always I am indebted.
Kiritani from SALON will be bringing you today.


2024 has begun and January is already coming to an end.
The cold days are still continuing, but how are you all doing?


Today I would like to talk about the forced withdrawal of women from THE SALON.


We are not forcing you to resign out of spite.
All of our staff members are also saddened...💦


This is a woman who was able to overcome the difficulties of the SALON interview and was hired.
The acceptance rate is around 1%.


We also value women.


I wanted to introduce a wonderful man, so I adjusted my schedule and was able to confirm the day before...


Unexpected day!


Lost contact💦


It's just amazing.


Or you have a high fever or a stomach ache.


Sudden unwellness💦


I hope you are well the day before and look forward to tomorrow.

Even though I was contacted.
I'm in trouble 😣


The men are also taking time out of their busy schedules.
What kind of child will he introduce? ? ? and
I think I'm looking forward to it.


As mediators, we feel very sorry for the man😣💦
We will inform you of the cancellation without any hesitation.


Regardless of the reason for the woman, I will no longer be able to introduce her next time! ! !
I am sorry.
Unfortunately, I will be forced to resign.


[Forced withdrawal] is also discussed during the interview.
We also send information via LINE when hiring or confirming the day before.


Please, everyone. Let's observe the minimum manners as a human being.
If you break a promise, your relationship will end. ⚠

Sad but...

Thank you for your careful attention 🙇



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