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Longest legs

Always I am indebted.
THE SALON Ayano Haneda will deliver!
It's already February (>_<)💦I remember feeling like it was New Year's Day.
A small Valentine's Day event has started at SALON from 2/1🍫

I went to the Valentine's event venue because I wanted the members to eat delicious chocolate during the setting (#^.^#)
Among the amazing people, people who love chocolate, and girls who buy chocolate that can only be obtained once a year, Haneda is also dedicated to its members.
I chose chocolate (#^.^#)
Please enjoy the chocolates served in the setting✨



Good news! !
In January, 1 new female members joined, the highest number ever! !
We have a lot of fresh women joining us, so we would like to introduce them to you soon.
We would be happy if you could visit us 1, 2, or 3 times more than usual! !


And today's main topic 🎀

I would like to introduce the concierge once again every other week 😊

In the third part, I would like to talk about Yusuke Nishino Concierge ✨
(I'm sorry if it seems boring 💦)



My first impression of Nishino was, ``He has long legs.'' Even now, I still play with him and say, ``His legs are growing from his waist.''
Two years ago, when Nishino was just assigned to SALON, he seemed to be very depressed when he kept failing, and I thought he was a very naive kid.
(Maybe it's better not to be too strict)


Now, two years have passed, he has achieved amazing growth and has become my right-hand man and the chief who leads SALON.
(Nowadays, Haneda has started to whisper.)
(They keep to the deadlines and do everything I ask them to do. I can trust them with the work. Thank you very much.)
What hasn't changed since ancient times isVery honest.(It's a waste to be a herbivore.)
He's a man, but he's charming.
(Although it's a little clumsy in some places.)

Loved by our members,Very easy to approachI think it's that kind of concierge.

I think Nishino's customer service is very calming and makes you feel at ease.
I think this is the kind of concierge you can work with for a long time.


Thank you very much.


- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -
Concierge Ayano Haneda


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