salon diary

Unsuccessful! ! !

Good evening to everyone reading THE SALON's blog.

Kiritani would like to send you this message today with all his heart.


It's starting to snow in Tokyo too⛄✨

It's raining so the road is slippery💦

Everyone, please take care when returning home.


Despite the bad footing, we had a setting today as well.


The woman appeared with her hair and clothes slightly wet from the rain and snow.

It's cold for men too!

That's what he said when he came to the store.


Serve each of them a cup of hot tea.
Take a breather✨


Before setting up, we showed each other brief profiles.

What do you think after looking at the profile?


Woman: Looks like a nice person

Man: As far as I can see from your profile, you look good.


We both got along well with each other.


Now, here's the setting.


Let's start! !!


20 minutes of talk time
The two of them seem so happy that you can hear their voices coming from the room♪


Kiritani: It seems like it's going well and it looks like it's going well~✨


The 20 minute alarm went off.

go pick up a woman
You will be asked to leave immediately.


How was your partner today?

Lady: She was a very refreshing and friendly person, and I enjoyed talking with her.

Man: It's fine to be friends, but I think it would be difficult to have a relationship. sorry.

Something like that

No matching...
It was unsuccessful😭


I don't think the woman expected that she would be refused...

I was very shocked.


I was also shocked.


This is also due to my lack of ability to make connections.

We are very sorry 🙇‍♀️

We will do our best to build a good relationship next time.

Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON 🙇‍♀️



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