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Happy Valentine's Day♪♪

ladies and gentlemen
We become indebted to!
Yokoyama will be in charge today!

Speaking of February, it's Valentine's Day!!
SALON is also having a Valentine's Day event and is getting excited (*^▽^*)

I looked into the origin of Valentine's Day!
・Is it only Japan that gives chocolates? ?
→It seems to be a unique Japanese culture that the standard gift is chocolate, although there are cases of chocolate being given overseas as well.
It seems like they give personalized gifts such as message cards and bouquets of flowers to their lovers, family, and friends.
The culture of giving chocolates from women to men took root in Japan when a chocolate company at the time ran a campaign during the Valentine's Day shopping season.

・What about America?
→In America, contrary to Japan, it is common for men to give gifts to women. There is no culture like giri choco, and people express their feelings by sending bouquets and message cards to their lovers and family. It seems that jewelry or stuffed animals may be given along with the bouquet of flowers.

・What about the UK?
→In the UK, Valentine's Day is considered a day to secretly express your feelings to your loved one.
Send a card with a message such as "Be my valentine" without writing your name, and the person who receives the card will take action.
After becoming lovers, it is common for men to give gifts to women, just like in other Western countries.

・What about Italy?
Roses and accessories are the standard gifts for Valentine's Day in Italy. It is said that Valentine's Day is often used as an opportunity for people to propose to their lovers.

・What about Belgium?
Valentine's Day in Belgium is well-established as a day to express gratitude to those who have helped you, and people give gifts such as flowers, clothing, and perfume even to people who are not lovers or husband and wife.
In the case of lovers or married couples, it is common for men to give gifts to women, as is the case overseas.

It seems like the culture is quite different depending on the country!!

I remember being excited about Valentine's Day when I was a student!
I was searching thoroughly in the shoe closet and desk (lol)
When a girl talked to me on Valentine's Day, I got really excited and even started asking for chocolates from girls I was close with (lol).

Now that I'm a working adult, I'm less excited about Valentine's Day, but it's still nice to have events!!
We are thinking of various exciting events in the future☆彡

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