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People with hay fever! Must see! 3 recommended choices

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The middle of February has passed.
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It's pollen season, which I don't like.
I can't stop sneezing, it hurts when I blow my nose too much, and I get nosebleeds.
It's torture to have headaches and cold-like symptoms that last for 2.3-XNUMX months.


However, for the past 2.3-XNUMX years, the symptoms of pollen have been considerably suppressed.
This time I would like to introduce some recommendations (*^▽^*)


Recommended No.1 Botox gauze packing method
If you look online, you can get it at your own expense for between 5,000 and 15,000 yen.
Leave the damp gauze in your nostrils for 10 minutes and you're done.
Haneda thinks it really works. It is also said to have the effect of reducing eye itching.
I also came to Haneda last week (#^.^#)


Recommended No.2 Villanoa
I have taken many medicines for hay fever, but this one is the most effective and does not make me sleepy and I live a comfortable life with one tablet a day.
However, medicines for hay fever are compatible with each other, so I think it is better to try them many times until you feel that they are effective.
You can't get it without a prescription.


Recommended No.3 roth algard eye drops
To be honest, I haven't found any of the eye drops from the hospital to be effective.
This Algard series is especially recommended as it is OK even if you wear contact lenses.
You can't do without it during pollen season.


If you suffer from hay fever, please check it out (*^▽^*)

And I'm not an affiliate or anything lol
This is a story about how I, who had severe hay fever, got better🌳

Warm days and cold days will continue alternately, but please take care of your health ✨

Thank you for your continued support.



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