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dating type

Always I am indebted.
Kiritani brings you today.


Universe Club is a store-based social club that is the parent organization.


At Universe Club, we have the following relationship types ✨



Sometimes during feeling time at SALON,
There are some men who accidentally ask women about their relationship type...


NO! ! ! No! Here it is 💦

Please be careful 🙇✨


I hope you have a good time talking about your hobbies and more 😊✨
I think it would be great if you could talk about your dreams and goals for the future.


I always hope that it will lead to a wonderful relationship.


Thank you for your continued support of THE SALON.



- Ginza / Complete membership Papa Salon -

TEL: 0120-979-958
OPEN: 11:00-20:00 (closed on Sundays)

Concierge Moe Kiriya


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Contact us via LINE here

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