salon diary

god papa

Always I am indebted.
Fujisawa will be in charge today 🌸

Even though it's February, I thought it was as warm as early spring, but suddenly it started raining and the temperature went back to extremely cold...
There's so much difference in temperature that my ears are ringing! ‼


No joke, this is Fujisawa, who is suffering from a slight cold due to the temperature difference><
I will tighten up my physical condition 💪

Today's theme is[God Papa]

Every once in a while, I hear from men that they don't have any women with whom they can meet long-term, saying, ``For some reason, there's no one to continue with them.''
Things like ``I don't feel that attractive anymore'' or ``I stopped contacting you.'' It seems like we don't see each other for various reasons...

I have never heard anything like that from the [God Papa] that I know! !
In fact, it's the exact opposite every time. ``I'm having trouble because more and more children are continuing with the program,'' she said with a smile on her face, looking a little happy.


In my opinion, God Papa's behavior and attitude toward women.
I think it's because of God Papa's personality that I'm able to realize that relationship.

First of all, that god daddy is kind. Quite kind.
Anyway, my waist is low. It's so low that it almost touches the ground.

Even if I make a mistake, I will never act like it's because I'm paying for it.
He always treats both women and staff with courtesy and gratitude.

God at this point.


And while talking with women, entertain them.
Sometimes, like in an interview, I listen to women thoroughly, but they don't talk about themselves at all.
On the contrary, he only talks about what he likes and never mentions women. .

Like, are you just not good at conversation? Am I not being considerate enough? It seems that there are some men who are like that😅

God Papa is different.
I asked questions to women, and I even included some of my own stories, and in the end, I ended up getting a lot of attention!
His talk skills are also divine.

I'm sure women will fall in love with something like that.
Because she's kind and treats me with respect, and what's more, she's fun to be with! Isn't it the best!


This is the [God Papa] I know.

Even the ladies of the famous THESALON will not let go of this divine father! (lol)

I'm sure he'll contact you if he wants to meet you,
For that person...women are getting more and more addicted to the swamp.

I wonder how many women have been dragged into the god-papa swamp🤔 (lol)


If you are worried about the continuation rate, you should learn from [God Papa]!
I would like God Papa to give a lecture someday😂

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