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Are there any women who are not hired?

Thank you all for your help!
Yokoyama will be in charge today.
I write a rare and serious blog!
Our staff has previously covered this on their blog, but since we're posting it again, I'd like to write about some of the things that happen to women who don't get hired!

As a basic premise, I would like to say that I really appreciate you coming to the interview, and if possible, I would like to hire everyone who comes!
However, due to the concept of SALON, we are very strict about matching carefully selected beautiful women with high-class men.
Approximately 100 to 150 people come for interviews every month, but the hiring rate is only about 10%. .
I would like to write this in hopes that it will be of some help to those who are thinking about going for an interview in the future.

① Women who often cancel
→There are people who repeatedly apply for interviews and cancel.
There is no problem at all if you cancel once, but some people cancel 3 or 4 times.
However, it is not confirmed that you will not be selected at that time.
・Are you bad at time management?
・Would you like to cancel the setting with the man?
That's what I think...
Tobi is even less impressive. .
*If you cancel 5 times, you will not be able to register as a UNIVERSE group.

I would like to quote from Haneda's previous blog post.

② A woman who is just cute
No matter how good-looking you are,
The following women will not be accepted.

・No greeting when entering the entrance, blunt
(Attitude that I did when I came to the interview)

・No shoes
(For those who are arranging them, even the gesture of arranging them is wonderful.)

・Conversational passages, tame words
(No, we're not friends.
Will you be able to talk to men at this rate? )

・Don't look into your eyes when you talk, talk with your elbows down,
I'm worried about my cell phone
(What on earth did you come here for?)

・I listen to the story while crossing my legs
(I wonder in my heart what they came for.)

・How to talk from the top
(Attitude when you realize that the interview staff is probably younger than you)

・ A woman whose sense of money is greatly misaligned, a boastful woman
(The man will pull it back)

・Those who smell bad
(Hard perfume, cigarette smell, mold smell)

It may be possible for you to be accepted at other social clubs.
However, I think it will definitely be rejected at THE SALON.
I don't think I would want to introduce the above woman to a high-class man.

THE SALON's judging criteria are quite simple.
We are looking at whether it suits the tastes of our current male members!
I think it would be a good idea to keep the above points in mind when coming to the interview (*^▽^*)
There are also applicable conditions, so please check them in advance!
We are looking forward to receiving many interview applications m(__)m

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