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  • June 10, 2020
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Greetings [THE SALON Shimabara]

Greetings [THE SALON Shimabara]

Thank you very much for always watching.

Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
I am Shimabara, in charge of THE SALON.


Happy New Year.
Thank you again this year.

Have a long winter vacation,
Anyway, I was relaxing and relaxing!

vacation in no time
it's over
I'm very sad Shimabara...


Well, my resolution for this year is

Shimabara is work and love

I am compatible!

For love anyway
I want to do my best.

I didn't even get married to the guy I used to date
break up etc.
Getting emotional quickly
I had many failures...

more from this year
Get better at controlling your emotions
I want to be a woman to be chased!

it's the same at work
when you fail at work
when things don't go well
Feeling negative
tends to become

So even when
I can't think negatively, but positively
I would like to have a mentality that allows me to think.

I can't fix it right away
I am thinking so please be patient
I wish I could fix it.

This year's resolution is
It was work and love
You want to be a person who can afford it!smile

Thank you all for your continued support in the new year.


Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
Koharu Shimabara in charge of THE SALON


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