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Congratulations to all new members of society!

ladies and gentlemen
We become indebted to.
Yokoyama will be in charge today.

Today is April 4st!
Our company also held a new graduate joining ceremony, and although it was online, many fresh people joined the company♪
Unfortunately, we do not have new graduate staff assigned to SALON (@_@)
Yokoyama is far from fresh, but I get the impression that many of the staff members who have joined the UNIVERSE Group in recent years have been very serious.
There's a world of difference compared to when I was a new graduate...
There are many people who are doing well, so it's reliable (*^▽^*)

The change of seasons can easily affect your health, so please be careful not to damage your health!
Pollen and yellow sand seem to be quite strong, so if you have hay fever, please do your best.

The cherry blossoms are about to bloom and it's cherry blossom viewing season, so I want to drink a lot for the first time in a while.
Thank you for your continued support at THE SALON in spring m(__)m

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