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ladies and gentlemen
We become indebted to!
Yokoyama will be in charge today.

It's getting a lot warmer and spring is finally here 🌸
I saw some people viewing the cherry blossoms last week and was so jealous! I want to drink beer. .

The other day, I stepped on the scale and found that my weight was ridiculous.
I thought it would be okay to gain some weight since I wear a lot of clothes in the winter, but I ended up gaining 5kg more than I expected. .
This is my third blog with this title (@_@)
I go on a diet every time I write, but I have a troublesome personality and go back to my normal life immediately afterwards. .

I started dieting again on April 4nd when I realized that I had lost weight, and I lost -2kg in about 10 days!!
I'll narrow it down a bit more before summer arrives!

・Walk for one station
・Quit fried foods, snacks, and juices
・Dinner is only natto, tofu, and salad chicken
・Easy muscle training
Although I don't do any particularly strenuous exercise, eating habits and exercise are still important.
I will continue to lose weight as long as I can 😊

Spring is the season for encounters!
We are waiting for your offer♪

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