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I'm addicted to decluttering

Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
I am Haneda, in charge of THE SALON.



Isn't it already the middle of January?
quick! ! !too fast···.
In the previous article, I said that this year will be a year of study
I declared
Since the end of the year, we have been getting rid of strange things.
(Originally, I'm good at throwing things away.)
A lot of unnecessary clothes and bags came out.
Even the bags that you treasure and never use
Selling with a flea market app
We have achieved a lot of sales.
The target amount is 10 yen! ! (One more breath!)
It's nice to recycle what you don't need.

If I think about tomorrow with the feeling that I can move at any time and throw away too much
I don't have the bag
 (I will not go to work with a paper bag...)

what you really need,
It's around this time that I've come to think that there should be a minimum.
After all, I think that using good things for a long time is better for cost performance in the true sense.

And being organized is important.

It is said that this industry is off season in January,
Thanks to all of you, SALON is a lively everyday.

Every day is full of men's wonderful smiles and kindness.
(thank you)
Also, it seems that word of mouth has spread considerably that SALON is a place where you can register with peace of mind.
More and more women are joining us.
(thank you)

In addition, I hope that it will lead to a setting where I can make a good report.
All the staff will be devoted to it.

Thank you for your continued support of the salon.


Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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