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  • June 19, 2020
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Write for others and read falsely

Thank you very much for always watching.

Half of the main ingredient is made of kindness,
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
I'm Itsuki in charge of THE SALON.

I'm thinking about the other half.

By the way, the other day, with the staff of the Universe Club
"Izakaya where certain men and women can meet"I boarded the

The justification is "Practice interviewing women",
It is important not to forget your original intention every day and to humble your efforts.

I only stayed for about an hour, but...
The results were disappointing.

・I don't even want to see your face
・Keep your legs crossed
・Smoking from beginning to end

There must have been a problem with this torque.

The beautiful women I met at the same shop before had interesting stories,
It was a lot of fun, but
I'm sure it's because of their efforts.

Ladies you meet at this kind of shop,
Why is it that people with bad character and attitude are ugly?

Yesterday, Mr. M, a male member,
"It's a lie to say that beautiful women have bad personalities.
It's a lie with love to protect the ugly hearts of the world."

He said.
*Note: The words are softened by Itsuki's dogmatic and prejudiced opinion.

When you say something like this
"I can't help it with the face I was born with!!!"
“I wanted to be born beautiful too!!!”
"Isn't it okay if I do plastic surgery!! Oh!?"

It seems that you can hear a yellow voice.

But I think...
"Gestures, atmosphere, especially facial expressions" rather than "parts of the face"
I think it makes women more attractive.

If your heart is ugly,
Even a pretty woman like a doll doesn't move.

"Whatever it takes..."
Don't make an effort to make excuses for your face complex.

I would like people like that to work hard to improve themselves before registering for the Dating Club.
(Itsuki is on the shelf.)

There is nothing to be gained by waiting.

In summary
"Writing for the sake of others and reading it as a lie (someday Mamiya's quote)"It was a story.

Please continue to use The SALON.

Jun Itsuki


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