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God daddy with great continuity rate

Always I am indebted.
Fujisawa will be in charge today 🌸
During the Golden Week, I went back to my parents' house for a short time and enjoyed the holiday without relaxing or doing anything (^^)
Were you able to rest your body a little?


The theme this time is[God Papa]
I wrote it beforeThis blogA sequel? is.

Actually, I had the opportunity to have dinner with this divine father the other day, and this was a great chance! I was asked about the secret to staying popular and continuing.
I would like to introduce some points in a conversational format.
I want to maintain a good relationship with women.A must-see for all dads!


[Part 1] The next appointment should be decided when we meet.

(Fuji) I sometimes hear other men say, ``Women are slow to respond. I can't make an appointment to meet them next time!'' But does this ever happen?

(God) That's natural. There is no benefit to women in communicating while they are not together, and there is no money to be made. It's just a hassle, isn't it?
      Don't try to contact them and decide. If you decide on the next date while you're meeting, the woman won't have to deal with any troublesome exchanges.
      I'm not at work, so it's normal for me to not get a reply for a few days. Each person has their own pace, and women are busy too! !

That’s it! ! ! ! ! ! (loud)


[Part 2] Give form to consideration. First, deliver supplies immediately

(Fuji) When you make a promise to go on a date, the woman will suddenly contact you on the day of the date to cancel due to illness, right?
      At times like these, some people might get angry and say, ``I'll have to pay a cancellation fee for the restaurant I booked!'' or ``If you're not feeling well, please let me know in advance!'' What do you do in such cases? ?

(God) I always send supplies first. Food, medicine, etc. from Amazon. Isn't it Shindoi? You can't go shopping! 
      The concept is already my parents' home in Tokyo (lol)

Dad, now mom...

do not be angry. I don't doubt it. And do it.
If she did something like this every time, and if it turned out to be a fake illness, the woman would be heartbroken, and she would say, "I'm sorry, I'll never do something like this again to such a kind person."
As expected ...


[Part 3] Don't listen to old men brag about their lives.

(Fuji) But the fact that he continues to be with various women like this means that his date with God Daddy is not painful. I think women want to meet me because they think it's fun.
      What kind of things do you talk about on regular dates?

(God) First of all, I don't talk about myself unless I'm asked. Women are also making time out of their busy schedules, so who is interested in the life of an old man? It's boring to hear stories about old men's hardships and boasts.
      Women basically want to talk. I listen to women's stories, and I'm not giving advice, but if there's something I can share from my own experience, I'll tell them. And I will support you. That's my uncle's job.


This deep pocket, the feeling of being enveloped...this is so cool.


[Part 4] Throw away your male pride

(Fuji) You can really tell that they really put women first and that they value them. .

(God) I don't need a man's pride. All a man needs to do is show his defeated face. Don't try to be cool.
      I'm the one paying for it, so... . I have to think, ``I'm paying for it!''

(God) It's just that. If there's one thing you can't say, ``thank you'' and ``sorry,'' I'll be careful.
      Not even when we're close friends, but it's not good for either of us if things become so obvious that we forget to appreciate them.

Oh, I'm afraid, my hips are pulling...
I witnessed the true humility of God Papa.
She's extremely kind, but she also has a wonderful heart that warns her when she forgets something important. . .


Well, even if I just introduce him briefly, he is a divine father who is overflowing with kindness, consideration, and leeway.

Some people may think that women are attracted to women because the allowance is high, but from what I've heard, the amount is extremely common.
It might be lower than average.

Even more so if you are a SALON woman, there are probably many men who will pay a higher price.
I think the reason why I can't leave my divine father is because I think he's the only father who can do this much for me.


It's not just about money! ! !
Papa, the god of human power that surpasses that.
These are words and actions that I would like all men to take into account✨✨


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