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  • June 24, 2020
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Life is a moment, a series of moments

Thank you very much for your help.

A man who knows the condition,
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
I'm Itsuki, not Shimabara, who is in charge of THE SALON.

"Life is a moment, a series of moments"
This is the recent motto of Itsuki.

ladies and gentlemen,words that matterThat's right.

At The SALON, when setting up
"Profile sheet"is entered.

in one of them
"Words that are important / motto"There is an item called
In fact, it is a secret pleasure to look at it.

This time, "This is wonderful!"
I would like to introduce some of the mottos of the members who thought that!

Of course it's not allowed.No copyright, right?
Let's go right away! ! !

◆Make it happen (male member M)
"Do as it is" instead of "Be as it is".
I'm numb with responsibility and stoic to the goal.

◆ Impermanence (male member T)
It's a teaching of Buddhism.
It is natural for us to change,
It is a word of respect for the attitude of enjoying it.

◆ Taking pride in not having pride (male member S)
I was already stabbed.
I recently realized that half of Itsuki's main ingredients are kindness and the other half is pride.
My ears hurt, but I think Itsuki will also be conscious of it.
People who are always humble are attractive.

◆ Noblesse Oblige (female member H)
translate in french
"People with social status such as property and power
They must bear corresponding social or moral obligations.”
It seems to be common morality in Europe and the United States.
Are you a woman of high social standing?
That's a great code of conduct.

◆The God of Chance only has bangs (female member T)
It seems to be a quote based on the Greek myth "Kairos".
"Opportunity cannot be seized later if it is not seized immediately"
It's a word that pushes your back because you're spending the moment in front of you.

How was it?
It was the words that the men and women who are proud of The SALON cherish.

Itsuki also learned a lot while spelling.

Please let us know what you think is important.

Thank you for your continued support.

Jun Itsuki


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