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Concierge favouritism?

Always I am indebted.
Fujisawa will be in charge today 🌸


It's starting to be a sweaty season, but it seems the rainy season hasn't started yet.
It seems like humid days are waiting for me☔
Please be careful of the temperature difference.

Today, as the title says, Do concierges show favoritism to certain members?.

To put it bluntly...  There is!

Of course, the members come first, so no concierge would put their own feelings first.
For example, when you are unsure which of two women to introduce to a male member,

One of them was a woman who was quite cold towards the staff.
The other is a very charming woman who always expresses her gratitude to the staff.

If you were asked which one would you choose, you would probably choose the latter.

In the case of men,
A highly recommended, high spec beauty has joined our club! I want to introduce her to my male staff!
If it becomes really popular, who will you contact first?

I think it's because they are frequent users and treat staff with care and respect.
No matter what, you will want to prioritize contacting such men.

I think that's true in any business.
Since this is a face-to-face job, trust between customers and staff is extremely important.

Therefore, in order to gain your trust,
I'd love to talk to you more and build a better relationship!

We are always waiting for your contact from both male and female members, whether it's just for consultation or casual conversation.
Please feel free to talk to me about anything(*^^*)

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