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We will reveal the details of the salon's setup work! Final Chapter

Hello everyone reading this blog!
How are you doing today?


July has arrived, and the start of summer 7 has arrived.

Kiritani is here right away! 🏝️🏖️🍾
Fun at the Shonan beach house🎶
I had fun with my friends🎆✨



Today, Kiritani will bring you the final chapter, continuing from 6/6 and 6/20.


Please sit in a private room at the salon.

"Could that girl be the woman from earlier? (laughs)"


In the waiting room, there were also women
I was in a hurry and ended up getting on the elevator with him...


It seems neither of us realized we were on the same floor… (;'∀')💦


The excitement and thrill I felt before the setup is gone.
The moment we met again!


Both of you laughing
"Thank you for earlier😅"

I felt relieved when the feeling time started.


On the contrary, I feel that this type of pattern makes the setting up start more smoothly.
Especially for those who are shy.


Even though we were in the elevator before the meeting,
Is it the recognition that we've met once before, or is it a sense of familiarity?

I think the sense of distance between us has narrowed a little (❁´◡`❁)


The conversation was fun and lively! The result was a success!

I'm glad that they went out together😊


Happily ever after✨



…The End


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