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Published in Armadillo magazine

Always I am indebted.
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
I am Haneda, in charge of THE SALON.

After opening THE SALON
One of the dreams of the salon staff has come true.

“I want to be published in a magazine that the wealthy see!”

But it was a vague dream.
That weekly magazine's advertising expenses seem to be ●●● million.
But I don't see people with an annual income of 4000 million yen or more, right?
I was talking about that.

But this time, thank you for your kindness
A magazine targeting the wealthy
I was picked up by an armadillo! !



Above all, the wonderful thing is that it will not be released in stores.
The president who works on this magazine personally handed it over and printed it page by page.
It's a magazine that will introduce you.

The contents are special trips to go with beautiful women
(This is the main part. It's also nice, nice!!!)
It's a restaurant you can't miss
(I want to go! Anyway, I want to go!)
If you go to a place like this, you'll fall in love with both the female heart and the male heart
It's a smoldering magazine.
In addition, a questionnaire for 1000 people
Uncle LINE course that nobody can ask
(This is also interesting)

An advertisement for SALON was placed on one page of such a magazine.
(It is also finished in a very good page.)
I will post that page next time.


Dear SALON members, we plan to distribute them at SALON.
I would love for you to pick it up.
If you are interested in this magazine, please contact Haneda.


Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
THE SALON Haneda Ayano


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