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About the new coronavirus measures ~ THE SALON ~

About the new coronavirus measures ~ THE SALON ~

About the new coronavirus measures ~ THE SALON ~

Always I am indebted.
Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
I am Haneda, in charge of THE SALON.

Masks are not sold anywhere.
Today, I just happened to get one month's worth of Itsuki Haneda! (I'm not buying up)
SALON staff will also wear masks and enter the setting.
(I took a good photo.)


In addition, cleaning the store, humidifiers, air purifiers, Cleverin, etc.
We are trying to organize as much as possible.

Regarding the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus announced by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,
We would like to inform you about our group's efforts and ask for the cooperation of all members.

We do not think that the impact of the new coronavirus, which is currently being reported in the news, on date clubs is at the level of worrying at this time.
The reason is
・No contact with an unspecified number of people (many private rooms)
・Dating and interviews are one-on-one contact and can be prevented to some extent.
・Do not go on a date if you are not feeling well
And so on.

However, it is unknown how the unknown virus will mutate in the future, and since it is the mission of the membership club to remove the anxiety factor of members, we will take the following measures.

[Those who will come to the admission interview in the future]
-At the time of the enrollment interview, we will ask if you have traveled overseas within the past two weeks, and if you have, please set an interval of at least three weeks before the interview.

[For current members]
・Be sure to check the temperature on the day or the day before the setting and confirm that it is below normal temperature (37.5 degrees).
, If you have a fever or cough symptoms, please postpone the date.
・Please agree to pledge that you are currently in a state of normal temperature and no symptoms such as coughing for each setting.
(In the case of false declaration, we will specify that it will be subject to penalty and compensation)
-Members who have traveled overseas will be set up after 14 days have passed since returning to Japan.

・In-house employees will work from home as much as possible. (Risk mitigation during commuting)
・We will always have a thermometer in the office and make it mandatory to check the temperature once a week.
・If your body temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher, or if you have symptoms of coughing, wear a mask and go to the hospital.Or let them work from home.
・Hand washing and alcohol disinfection at least 1 times a day (after going out and after going to the toilet) Required
・Always keep masks in the office, and wear them when dealing with visitors or employees who cough and sneeze (however, to avoid buying up masks, only those who need to use them)
・Employees who have traveled overseas will work from home for 14 days.

I think you are dealing with a much bigger risk than Corona.
We would appreciate it if you could cooperate with us in preparing to protect your own health and be considerate of your partner.


Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
THE SALON Haneda Ayano



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