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  • June 12, 2020
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I don't have that much to write week after week.


Only the motivation is second to none,
It's April, when a large amount of lubricating oil like dried squid that tastes better the more you chew it,
It looks like the blog is out of stock.


Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 
I'm Itsuki, in charge of THE SALON.

I apologize to the male and female members who have seen this blog first.

I am very sorry that you have taken your valuable time to click on this page.


I really don't have much to write this week.


・Web setting is now available! ! !




・It's a difficult time, but for all of you...




・I love you! ! ! !


I'm tired of blogs like this.


It's not like you're browsing the universe or SAlON blog just because you want to see that sort of thing.



There is nothing wrong with just posing.



I'm really sorry for this kind of blog.

In the first place, even if you don't check the progress of coronavirus on the SAlON blog, there is a dedicated site.
Click here for details


"Then you should write it down."


You may hear a voice saying,
SAlON staff has a mission to write a blog once a week.
*Itsuki sometimes leaves.

So if you just twist your head and write a fake Kansai dialect blog that has no superficial content,


"I really don't have anything to write about, so please bear with me..."


I think the blog is somewhat better,

“Anyway, you shouldn’t be complaining or gossiping behind the scenes with people above you.”

I'm spelling it out while hurting my stomach.


And as an example,
"Bebitappi Dappi!!!"
And we plan to announce the blog update on SAlON's official Twitter.

"If you do it, a blog that will brighten up for members..."

It's like ordering a hamburger at a sushi restaurant.


The key is the wrong gate.

I like M*do more than Itsuki Haku* sushi hamburgers,
If you want to eat sushi at Mad*do, go to *sushi.


A sushi restaurant that doesn't stock ingredients can't make sushi.
And it's the same with blogs that you can't do anything if you don't have a story.


"Even so, serve a parfait to attract customers."
If the general says so, Itsuki will take a rest.

Because I want to be professional.

I'm just writing excuses,
It's starting to look like a blog.


Is it about time to exceed the number of characters in last week's Asakura blog?


I will continue.


"I want to be professional."

However, the line between professionalism and misfit is still a mystery.

Haneda said with a sour mouth
"Role as a Member of the Organization"
If you think from
I think there is more demand for mass-produced Zakus than for professional ones.


Unlike Shah-only Zakus, mass-produced Zakus can be replenished as much as you want, and are extremely useful as pawns.


But the mass-produced Zaku cannot be exclusive to Shah.

So what should I do with the mass-produced Zaku that I want to be exclusive to Shah?

Do you think that you are only for Shah and stretch yourself and get tattered?


I think the two choices are to find a world that can be exclusive to Shah.

By the way, I've never seen Gundam, but I'm thinking of using Gundam as the hashtag for this blog.


Because I want to see the world through the filter of respect.

In short, I want to be honest with members rather than writing a dishonest blog.

This time it was a blog of such a mass-produced Zaku.

I apologize again.
I apologize for wasting your precious time.

In order to write a colorful blog, it is essential to have relationships with male and female members.

I just wish for the early end of the corona virus.



Customer Success Group Tokyo Unit 


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